Communities Fund

Coming soon - the Peterborough Communities Fund

We’re looking to fund projects that get people involved with their local areas, and bring communities together. We’d like to support new projects - or ones ready to expand - that will make a lasting difference whether big or small.

You may need a small amount to set up a local project in your area or significantly more to grow an already established project or activity to benefit people living, working or studying in Peterborough.

The aim of the Fund is to:

  • help local organisations deliver projects that bring people together
  • build stronger, more resilient and more inclusive communities

The Peterborough Together Partnership, along with the council and government are launching this new local fund.

Grants of up to £20 000 are available to apply for from mid January 2019. There is no lower limit.

Further information including guidance notes, frequently asked questions and the application details will be posted here in mid January.

What could you do with this money to make an impact in your area?

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