Fostering support, training, development and fast-track transfers

We recognise the valuable contribution made by our team of dedicated foster carers. 

Ongoing support for foster carers

  • access to our training programme featuring over 40 locally run courses
  • 24/7 access support
  • peer support through foster carer support groups
  • buddying with approved foster carers
  • mentoring and regular supervision
  • allegation support
  • therapeutic parenting courses
  • crisis intervention
  • access to clinicians 

Comprehensive training programme for approved foster carers

In order to meet the training requirements of our carers and enable them to provide the best possible support for the children and young people in their care we have developed a comprehensive training programme.

Fast-track fostering transfer to Peterborough City Council

If you are already a foster carer with another local authority or independent fostering agency and are interested in transferring to Peterborough City Council, we can offer a fast track process to help you transfer as quickly as possible. Carers transferring are offered a condensed training package designed specifically for existing carers.

To discuss transferring in more detail and to arrange for one of our social workers to visit you at home, please or call us on 0800 328 8433 or email