Home energy conservation

Using powers under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change requires all English authorities to have prepared a report by the 31 March 2013 setting out the energy conservation measures that the authority considers practicable, cost effective and likely to result in significant improvement in the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in its area.

The attached report meets the requirement under the Act to prepare a further report on the progress against energy conservation measures set out in 2013. We will submit further update reports at two yearly intervals up to and including the 31 March 2027. This report has been approved and signed by the Chief Executive.

Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 - March 2015

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The Act recognises the key role local authorities play in improving energy efficiency of the residential accommodation in their area. This is a collaborative report that has been produced in consultation with colleagues across the council including the Environment Strategy Team, Housing Programmes Team and Strategic Resources.