Landlord accreditation


In conjunction with the National Landlords Association (NLA), the Landlord Accreditation Scheme is an excellent way of improving a landlord’s knowledge of the sector, whilst giving them the ability to promote themselves as a competent and responsible person.

For further information, visit the website or call us on 01733 864127 or email

Accreditation requirements

NLA Accreditation is a development based scheme which requires the completion of a foundation course and subsequent continued professional development, with all aspects of the scheme being able to be completed online or in attendance.

Landlords are able to become members of the scheme whether a member of the NLA or not, although the minimum requirement is membership of their online library system, enabling access to all of the NLA's online resources, and to complete the mandatory foundation course. 

Accreditation benefits

Landlords who become accredited through the scheme, will benefit from incentives offered by either the NLA, or Peterborough City Council and these include:

  • recognition from a national scheme, irrespective of where the landlord operates
  • improved knowledge of property management and legislation
  • competitive advantage over local competition
  • use of the NLA, and Peterborough City Council accreditation logos
  • certificate of accredited status from the NLA, and one of recognition from Peterborough City Council
  • free local seminars and workshops, dependant on landlord needs and requests.

Feedback from landlords on what they would like to see in place to encourage accreditation is always welcome by emailing

Register as an accredited landlord

Once having fulfilled the requirements by the NLA to become accredited, landlords are asked to provide the following information, in order for them to be recognised locally as an accredited landlord:

  • name, as it appears on the NLA membership card, or NLA Accreditation certificate
  • NLA membership number, found on the issued accreditation certificate
  • pdf copy of the issued NLA Accreditation certificate
  • your address, telephone number and email address for future correspondence.

These details should be emailed to

Accredited landlord register

All NLA accredited landlords in Peterborough are listed below, along with their membership number. You can confirm if someone is a member of the NLA accreditation scheme by searching the online register on the NLA website using their membership number. 

Register of accredited landlords
Landlord name Membership number
Akram, Mohammed Mohbeen 168167
Akram, Mohammed T 164149
Anderson, Margaret J 111622
Azam, Mohammed 162457
Balandyte-Smart, Ruta 149407
Beard, Jane 75177
Brooker, Andy 75516
Bugalski, Bruno 169689/0 (RLA)
Chambers, Dan 75392
Chang, Peter 154441
Driver, David 52573
Duggan, Mary 133781
Emery, Andy 110507
Foglietta, Joseph 153015
Frost, Jason 172080
Geary, Colin 162277
George, Tim 43877
Gornikowska, Magdalena 166720
Gornikowski, Andrzej A104270 (RLA)
Graham, Alan 67986
Greenwood, Ross 152164
Hawkins, Olutumininu 69694
Haydari, Ali 162766
Homan, Ben 85097
Julien, Steve Not required
Kenny, Wendy 160419
Lambert, Bernard 80981
Langford-Pollard, Alexander N/A
Langford-Pollard, Anne 160280
Lessels, Bruce 151774
Lopez, Maris Christina Gaston 86301
Lyall, Jonathan 149585
Marriot, Zoe 162649
Masela, Itumeleng  170228
Meredith, David 15431
Moriarty, Bridie 155678
McKay, John 159116
Overton, Sue 111631
Paffey, Sam 16402
Robertson-Dupont, Caroline 075019
Robinson, Alan N/A
Ryland, Noel 163570
Scott, Toni 114645
Smith, Langford 163388
Sowell, Richard 74234
Spooner, Raymond (Hamilton Lee Homes) 174871
Stead, Guy 90769
Swift, Megan 162665
Thompson, Marshall 62097
Triadalex Ltd 161347
Umphray, Robert 76329
Wahiwala-Patel, Rajvinder 84272