Private Sector Leasing

What is private sector leasing?

As part of the council's work to improve the availability of suitable accommodation in the City, Landlords in the City are now able to lease their properties to the council, in exchange for a guaranteed rental income. In order to utilise readily available stock in the Private Sector, the council are actively looking to lease properties across the City that suits their required need and standard.

How does it work?

The council are offering a lease period of between 2 and 10 years, with a guaranteed rental income every month for the duration of the lease, paid directly to the landlord, and irrespective of whether the property is occupied or not. Subsequently, the property is then fully let, managed and maintained, providing a hassle-free, hands-free service to owners who wish to take a step back from the day-to-day running of their property.

Benefits of leasing your property to the council

  • A lease duration that suits you and your circumstances
  • Guaranteed rental income for the duration of the lease period
  • Fully managed property throughout the lease term
  • Day to day repairs included
  • Quick hand-over and transition
  • Property returned to the owner in a let-able condition, minus fair wear and tear

Contact details

For further information on the Private Sector Leasing Scheme, please contact the Housing Commissioner on 01733 864127, or 07973 929263.

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