Selective Licensing areas

Please note: The current selective licensing scheme comes to an end on 31 October 2021 therefore there is no requirement for any landlords to renew their existing licences.

The Council is currently preparing to go out to consultation with a view to introducing a new scheme next year. As part of this consultation all landlords, residents, tenants and business owners in and around the proposed areas will be able to participate and we welcome their views.

Details of the consultation and how you can take part will be available on the Peterborough City Council website, on social media and in the press. Additionally, flyers will be posted to all households in the proposed and adjacent areas and posters will be seen around the areas.


Selective Licensing has only been introduced in certain areas. You can search for a property by clicking on the button to see if it's within the Selective Licensing area. 

View an interactive map of the Selective Licensing areas where you can zoom in to find individual properties.

How the Selective Licensing areas have been chosen

The council has chosen the Selective Licensing areas using independently produced data. 

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) collects and analyses economic and demographic data across the country to help local and central government decision making. 

The ONS splits the whole of the UK into small areas called Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs), each with a population of approximately 1,500. These areas are independent of political boundaries (such as councillor wards or parliamentary constituencies) and can be used to assess differences across cities and regions. 

The initial test is that Selective Licensing can only be introduced in areas where the private rented sector is greater than 19% of the total housing stock by number of dwellings. All the individual LSOAs where Selective Licensing has been introduced exceed that, and the total for the selected areas represents just under 40% of Peterborough’s total private rented sector. 

If an LSOA has exceeded 19% PRS, it is considered for Selective Licensing. The council has, however, only selected those areas that are also above the Peterborough average in at least five of the six criteria set out in the Housing Act. 

These are:

  • Low housing demand
  • A significant and persistent problem caused by anti-social behaviour
  • Poor property conditions
  • High levels of migration
  • High levels of deprivation
  • High levels of crime