Support for landlords

Please note: The current selective licensing scheme comes to an end on 31 October 2021 therefore there is no requirement for any landlords to renew their existing licences.

The Council is currently preparing to go out to consultation with a view to introducing a new scheme next year. As part of this consultation all landlords, residents, tenants and business owners in and around the proposed areas will be able to participate and we welcome their views.

Details of the consultation and how you can take part will be available on the Peterborough City Council website, on social media and in the press. Additionally, flyers will be posted to all households in the proposed and adjacent areas and posters will be seen around the areas.


Selective Licensing can provide supporting measures to curb anti-social behaviour and help landlords deal with problem tenants.

Landlords rights and responsibilities

The council wants to sustain long term improvements in the quality of private rented sector accommodation within the Selective Licensing area. There is a need to ensure a balance between the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. 

In addition to Selective Licensing, the council are considering the following additional measures: 

  • The introduction of a Public Space Protection Order within the area. This will focus enforcement and education activity on such things as street drinking, litter and waste management, and other aspects of anti-social behaviour that are largely the responsibility of the tenant. 
  • The re-structuring of policing and partner enforcement teams to ensure those areas with the biggest challenges receive the most appropriate targeted resource.
  • The licensing conditions will set out a staged approach for landlords to deal with anti-social behaviour. The landlord, council and other agencies will work together to address complaints about associated properties.  
  • The council will take a lead role in improving education and effective support for landlords in the management of tenants who cause anti-social behaviour and bringing together the appropriate teams and agencies to tackle issues of ASB and support landlords through the eviction process should it become necessary to seek possession. 
  • A review of the current Cumulative Impact Policy introduced under The Licensing Act 2003 that addresses the growth of licensed premises in the Millfield, New England area of the city. 
  • Further Training and Education for Landlords, as part of the scheme we intend to offer a bespoke training package and access to an online information library which will be developed with landlords during consultation to ensure that the training meets the specific needs of Peterborough landlords.

Additional benefits of Selective Licensing include: 

  • Protecting investment in the area.
  • Supporting all local landlords so that they can achieve a benchmark standard of property management.
  • Improving the quality of life for all by educating those landlords who are not providing good quality accommodation or managing their tenancies effectively and removing ”rogue landlords” altogether.
  • Educating tenants in their responsibilities and the impact of their behaviour on the community and neighbours. This includes actively tackling flytipping, graffiti and littering.
  • Improving desirability of area as a place where people want to live.
  • Reducing tenant turnover leading to more sustainable communities, creating communities where tenants want to remain
  • Encouraging the use of reputable managing agents when landlords are inexperienced or “absentee”.
  • Prioritising the areas for regeneration activity
  • Targeted energy efficiency measures within the selected area. 

Property management advice

We aim to keep our streets tidy, this can be accomplished by keeping pavements clear, making sure bins are not overfilled and are out for collection by the correct time. Further information can be found on what goes in which bin?

The council is also keen to reduce the amount of waste in the city every year. To achieve this there is helpful information and advice about recycling and reducing waste for residents. 

Fire safety

Fire safety within the home is an extremely important issue, especially in mixed use premises and where unrelated occupiers, who live independently from one another, share common areas of the same building. 

Therefore, we encourage all those with an interest in these types of premises to read the guidance (see right), ensure they are aware of their responsibilities to carry out a fire risk assessment, and make sure their property has adequate and appropriate fire safety measures in place.

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