Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES)

The Safer Peterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service combines council, police, fire service and prison staff into a single managed service. Council officers will wear a new uniform to help the public identify members of the service.

A total of 112 officers will make up the Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES) including 16 police constables, 30 police community support officers and 30 council prevention and enforcement officers.

The council PES officers have now been granted delegated Community Safety Accreditation Scheme powers which give them the ability to take action against a wider range of community issues which include littering, begging and cycling on pavements. These officers also retain existing powers available to them, including parking and housing enforcement.

The service will be structured into three localities covering the whole city council area. However, the main focus will be the city centre. 

To solve issues across the city, the best way is to prevent them from happening in the first place which will be achieved through regular patrols conducted by the PES officers. 

The public can report issues and concerns to the Prevention and Enforcement Service via the our reporting form or they can call 101 or 01733 747474 (999 should only be used in an emergency). Alternatively, you can tweet PES with any questions or report any issues you may have via Twitter @PeterboroughPES.

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