European Local Democracy Week

The European Local Democracy Week 2016 (ELDW) will take place 10 - 16 October 2016. The theme this year is ‘‘Living Together in Culturally Diverse Societies: Respect, Dialogue, Interaction’’. 

The council are organising events for primary and secondary schools to encourage students to get involved in local democracy, learn more about the council and share their ideas with councillors. 

Schools have been asked to form a working group through their School Council to plan and deliver events which promote an understanding of equality and human rights, incorporating the ELDW theme.

Entries will then be submitted as a newsletter, newspaper/magazine article or a storyboard as an evaluation of their event.

The event ideas could include:

  • Sporting activities
  • Music
  • Art exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Cultural events

When choosing a winner, the judges will be taking in to account the following criteria:

  • Type of working group/School Council and its membership formed or selected, in order to discuss and decide what type of ELDW event to hold at your school, (maximum of six members per group);
  • Whether the event has encompassed the ELDW themes;
  • Local Councillor involvement and how they were involved;
  • Media/Social media involvement, including how well the event was documented and publicised;
  • Whether the event included the ELDW logo on the school’s newsletters, website or Facebook page promoting the event;
  • How many young people/cultures/year groups were involved in the event; and
  • How children had interacted in the events.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will choose the entry they think has best captured the ELDW theme and prizes will be presented at the Town Hall on Tuesday 22 November 2016, 4pm where participants will have the opportunity to meet and be photographed with the Mayor and partake of light refreshments. 

How to enter

Schools will need to inform the Democratic Services team by 7 October 2016 if they wish to take part. Entries will need to be submitted between 24 – 28 October 2016.

Democratic services
1st floor
Town Hall


Please note: Schools entries will be displayed on the council website and it is expected that schools will obtain the necessary permission for children to be involved in the event and appear on any publicity/pictures submitted.

2015 ELDW - Primary school entries

Primary schools were encouraged to arrange a ELDW event through their school Council’s which demonstrated what schools already do to promote respect, dialogue and interaction for young people.

Primary schools submitted their entry ELDW events, which included various activities such as a world bake off, workshops and multicultural events in celebration of social participation and cohesion.


Highlees Letter

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Highlees Newsletter

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Longthorpe Letter

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Longthorpe Bake Off

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Longthorpe World Cook Book

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St Botolph's:

St Botolph's Newsletter

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