Pupil referral service

Peterborough Pupil Referral Service works across the city with over 500 children and young people aged 4 to 16 each year who are not accessing mainstream school for a variety of reasons, including:

  • being permanently excluded from school
  • being at risk of permanent exclusion from school
  • having additional emotional, social and behavioural needs which are best met in a non-mainstream education setting
  • being in KS4, without a school place and meeting one of the other criteria listed above.

We work in partnership with parents, carers and agencies to ensure children and families benefit from an integrated package of support.

Learning centres

There are three learning centres where we provide a safe, stable and caring environment within which vulnerable children and young people are encouraged and supported to grow, develop and learn.

Primary Unit, City Learning Centre, Williamson Avenue, PE3 6BA
01733 207150

KS3 Unit, Fletton Learning Centre, Fletton
01733 452675

KS4 Unit, Honeyhill Learning Centre, Paston
01733 452677

You can contact any of the three units by emailing pprs@peterborough.gov.uk

Primary pupils tend to remain on the roll of their school and attend the primary unit for an agreed number of sessions a week. Secondary pupils usually attend their unit full time.

In Key Stages, 1 to 3 the emphasis is on assessment, re-engaging and re-integration into mainstream education wherever possible and practicable.

In KS4, pupils tend to stay to complete their statutory education so the emphasis is on re-engaging through a relevant curriculum, gaining work experience and qualifications and progressing into learning post-16.

In addition to the school provision we offer a range of other programmes delivered in partnership with other providers, so we have the flexibility to tailor provision to meet individual needs, in order to maximise their learning outcomes and personal potential.