SEND resources

SEND Resources

On this page you will find a wide range of useful resources relating to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), including:

  • A glossary of terms used in SEND
  • Documents found on other pages of the Local Offer website, collated in one place
  • How to access the Local Offer database, including some suggested searches
  • Some useful links to government websites

Glossary of Terms

A parent's guide to language and terms used in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Reforms

On the document below we have listed many of the terms used in the SEND world, along with explanations of their meaning and their common abbreviations.  If you would like any more terms to appear here, email us at

SEND Glossary of Terms

Size: 1.19 MB File format: pdf

If you are unable to find the information you require regarding the Local Offer or you need to ask a specific question you can contact customer services.

To meet a specific need, we may be able to make some of the information available in an alternative format (such as large print, easy read or in a paper copy). 

Resources Document List

Listed below are all the documents which you can find on other pages of the Local Offer, in one place.

Easy Read Guide to the Local Offer

Easy Read Guide to the Local Offer

Size: 856.81 KB File format: pdf

Independent Support

Scope - independent support service

Size: 124.69 KB File format: pdf

PCVS Leaflet

Size: 381.63 KB File format: pdf

Education, Health and Care Plans

EHC Plan Quality Standards Checklist

Size: 489.77 KB File format: pdf

EHC Plan Template

Size: 494.98 KB File format: pdf

SEND in Peterborough

Size: 157.28 KB File format: pdf

At a Glance Guide for Annual Reviews of EHC Plans

Size: 313.89 KB File format: pdf

At a Glance Guide to EHCP

Size: 333.40 KB File format: pdf

Request for EHC Needs Assessment Form

Size: 798.01 KB File format: pdf


Peterborough Special Schools Admissions Guidance

Size: 196.92 KB File format: pdf

Transfer to Education, Health and Care Plans

Copy of letter to parents

Size: 493.19 KB File format: pdf

At a glance guide for transfer reviews

Size: 871.36 KB File format: pdf

Transition Plan from SEN Statement or LDA to EHC Plan

Size: 111.63 KB File format: pdf

Money Matters

A guide to personal budgets

Size: 620.54 KB File format: pdf

Personal Budgets Policy Statement

Size: 304.59 KB File format: pdf

Social Care

Eligibility Framework Children with Disabilities

Size: 132.75 KB File format: pdf

Eligibility Criteria Children with Disabilities

Size: 164.33 KB File format: pdf

Peterborough Short Breaks Service Statement

Size: 229.50 KB File format: pdf

SEND Partnership Service

Data Protection Policy

Size: 175.57 KB File format: pdf

SEND Impartiality Policy

Size: 161.41 KB File format: pdf

Confidentiality Policy

Size: 104.71 KB File format: pdf

Sensory Impairment

You said, we did

Local Offer Annual Report - September 2016

Size: 673.22 KB File format: pdf

Local Offer Annual Report 2016 - Appendix 1

Size: 270.20 KB File format: pdf

Local Offer Annual Report 2016 - Appendix 2

Size: 14.41 KB File format: pdf

Local Offer You Said, We Did - June 2016

Size: 348.41 KB File format: pdf

Local Offer You Said, We Did - October 2016

Size: 278.18 KB File format: pdf

Local Offer Your Said, We Did - May 2017

Size: 341.10 KB File format: pdf

Sensory and Physical Support Service

The Sensory and Physical Support Service aims to ensure the inclusion and achievement of children and young people with sensory and physical impairments and the building of expertise and capacity within schools in Peterborough, in line with current local and national strategies.

This year (2017) has seen a further period of development for the Service and a key new appointment of a teacher of Physical disability has been made to ensure service provision in this area. The service continues to support schools and settings embed the SEND reforms as well as their understanding of the changes to the SEN code of practice.

The focus of support across the service continues to be working in partnership with families, schools, pre-school settings, post 16 provisions and other involved agencies to ensure the needs of the students we work with are fully met. To achieve this we use a variety of approaches:

• Assessment of need

• Advice to schools and parents

• Support for schools and parents

• Formal and informal training for school staff

• Provision of specialist equipment for sensory impairment

• Monitoring of progress and educational provision

• Liaison and close work with different professionals and agencies

• Input to Education, Health and Care needs assessments process and reviews

• In some specific cases where there is a high level of need the team may on occasions do direct teaching of particular skills with a child or young person.

The Service remains committed to the development of integrated Children’s Services and continues to work to develop close links with partners in Social Care, Health and other Children’s Services teams.

Our priorities are:

• Early Intervention – through our involvement both with children in newborns, Early Years and Pre-School and also in our response to newly referred or diagnosed children

• Removing barriers to access and learning for the children and young people we work with – through our detailed support and advice on accessibility, modification, differentiation and equipment and work with children, schools/settings, families and other agencies

• Raising expectations and achievement – through our work with schools/settings, pupils and parents

• Delivering improvements in partnership with others– through our commitments to working with schools, parents and other services

Hearing Impairment

We work with children and young people who have a permanent unilateral (one ear) or bilateral (two ears) mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss as identified by an Audiologist.

Vision impairment

We work with children and young people who

• have no functional vision and has a Severely Visually Impaired Registration 
• have a distant vision impairment that results in vision fields and depth perception issues
• have a near vision impairment that results in fixation issues
• have deteriorating vision due to an ocular visual impairment
• have low vision due to an ocular or a cortical visual impairment

Multi-sensory impairment

We work with children and young people who have combined vision and hearing impairment, which may include a functional loss in one or both of these senses that create difficulty in accessing the curriculum and engaging in daily life experiences.

Physical Disabilities

We work with children and young people who have a physical disability which affects one or more of the following:

• Balance, mobility and/ or physical stamina
• Hand function
• Communication 
• Independence

When a young person is referred, the Sensory and Physical Support Service will:

1. Acknowledge written referrals by phone.

2. Visit parent/schools to discuss the role of the Service, especially upon initial involvement with the child and school.

3. Request written parental permission to seek relevant medical information from the relevant Health Service such as the Consultant Paediatrician, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist.

On completion of any assessment, a written report is compiled by a qualified and experienced specialist teacher.

Search for providers

Our database contains information about services available locally for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families. You can search the entire online database using any words, or you can click on the following, which brings up a pre-selected search.

Each of the entries contains specific information which will be relevant to the type of service they are providing, for which age group, and how it can be accessed, all of which you can use as part of your search.

Shown below are some suggested searches.

Useful information

Below are some links to government websites.

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see on here.

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