Finding somewhere to live

You may decide that you would like to continue to live with your family, and your family can support this, or you may decide you would like the chance to try and live independently. This is not as easy as just finding somewhere to live, there are many things for you and your family to consider.

Independent / supported living

Supported living is a term used to describe the range of services that enable people with additional needs to live as independently as possible in their local community. While supported living is often for people with learning difficulties, it can also help people with mental health problems or physical disabilities.

Supported Living can be provided in either purpose-built or small-scale ordinary housing situations.

You may have already experienced living away from the family home, possibly to attend a residential school or as part of a residential respite short break or taking part in a programme run at your school, college or day service.  But for many people this will be a new experience, along with the expectation that you will have to be much more involved in doing the sort of things that go hand in hand with living independently, such as:

  • Keeping your home clean and tidy
    • Making a shopping list and then doing the shopping
    • Planning your day
    • Any help you require around personal hygiene
    • Safety awareness

Social housing

If you want to rent social housing you must register on the Peterborough Homes Choice Based Lettings Scheme first.  If your application is accepted you will be put into a band with people who have similar needs to you and you will be told what type of housing you are eligible to apply for. 

You will only be able to bid on properties that you are interested in and eligible for.

Adjustments to the home

Once you have had a chance to think about what housing type you prefer, you may need to considerr whether the property would need to be changed (adapted) to make it easier for you to live in, if you have a physical disability.  

If you do not own the property, permission will  be required from the property owner before any work is approved and undertaken.

A Disabled Facilities Grant may be available to pay for any big changes. You will need to have an Occupational Therapy assessment first to find out what you need.   All Disabled Facility Grants are managed by the Care and Repair Home Improvement Agency who will assist you through the application process

Have your say

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