SEND Manual

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Manual

This manual includes useful information and guidance for those working with children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities. This information is regularly updated, so please ensure you are using the current version.

1.  Introduction

SEND Glossary of Terms

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2.  SEND Reforms and Inclusion Services

The SEND Reforms

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Inclusion Services guide

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Inclusion Services diagram

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3.  Safeguarding

4.  Social Care Matters

Social Care matters

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5 Education Settings Matters

SEND Governor Briefing Pack June 2016

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6  Pre EHC Needs Assessment Support

Pre EHC Needs Assessment Support

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7 EHC Needs Assessments and Plans

Guide for New request for EHC Needs Assessments

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EHC Needs Assessments and Plans

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Annual Review Guide

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Transfer Review Guide

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Evidence Writers Guidance

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Appeals and Tribunals

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8.  Independent Support

Independent Support

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9.  Other Useful Information

Advocacy Service Leaflet

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Advocacy Referral Form

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Reasonable adjustments for public examinations

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Inclusion Services training calendar

The Inclusion Services will publish the majority of the training events they organise in the calendar below. Please check the details of the event to find out the target audience and availability of the training. 

For further information of specific training events, please contact the individual service organising it.