LED street light upgrade

The council is upgrading 17,000 street lights to energy-efficient LEDs over the next three years.

The project is being carried out by Peterborough Highway Services, a 10-year partnership between Peterborough City Council and Skanska for the provision of highway maintenance services.

LED street lighting is designed to direct light downwards on to the road, reducing light pollution into properties. It also produces less carbon than conventional street lighting.

The upgrade project started in October 2016 and is happening in two phases. All street lights with steel columns will have lanterns replaced with an LED version. Alongside that that any lights with concrete or cast iron columns will be removed and replaced in full.

Technicians will be fitting digital control units, known as central management systems (CMS), within every lamp post. This enables engineers to monitor the performance of each and every light and detect and fix faults quickly.

The project is being rolled out a ward at a time across the whole city. The initial lantern upgrades have taken place in North, Park, Central, Ravensthorpe, West, Bretton, Werrington, Gunthorpe, Dosgthorpe, East, Paston & Walton, Fletton & Stanground, Stanground South and Fletton & Woodston wards. New LED lanterns are now being installed in Orton Longueville and Orton Waterville.

The column replacement programme started at the end of October 2017 running through North, Park, Central, West, Ravensthorpe, Bretton and Werrington wards. We have just completed Gunthorpe ward and are now in Paston & Walton ward. Column replacements will continue to run across the city in roughly the same order as the lantern upgrades detailed above. In keeping with Peterborough City Council’s Environmental ethos all the materials from old street lighting columns and lights are sent for recycling where ever possible.

Upgrade work to the street lighting on Orton Parkway took place through February and March this year, including the removal of the 28m tall Lighting High Mast from the middle of the roundabout near the Orton Centre. This high mast alone created 1.8 tonnes of metal for recycling. Work on Werrington Parkway started at the beginning of April 2018 and was completed in June.

Street lighting works have now started on Paston Parkway and the other remaining parkways will be upgraded throughout 2018.

Street lighting upgrade info leaflet

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