Worried about a child

We are all responsible to report any concerns if a child's welfare is in danger.

  • Protecting children is everybody’s business.
  • Adults have a responsibility to report abuse.
  • Consider offering some support if you are worried.
  • If in doubt share your concerns about children.
  • Act now - long-term abuse is damaging for children.


Make sure your child knows who they can share worries with, if and when they need to. Listen carefully to children and notice any changes in them.

In truth, it is better that action is taken early to stop things getting worse. Long-term abuse is much more likely to cause problems for a child as they get older. Even if you think an incident is just a one off, other agencies may already have concerns about the child.  Your information could be very important.

Warning signs

There are many possible signs of abuse, ranging from injury to changes in a child's behaviour. You could see something happen or a child may tell you that he or she is being hurt.


If you think that a child has been hurt, contact our Duty Social Worker on 01733 864180 or you may call the Police. If you are unsure, you can speak to a helpline, such as the NSPCC and your call will be kept private and confidential.

Out of office hours Emergency Duty Team can be called on 01733 234724.

What to say

Explain exactly what you have seen or been told.  If you can, keep a note of dates, injuries and the exact words used. 

If you report your concern to us, you should write down what you want to say before you speak with us, so that you can remember everything.

Other contacts

  • Peterborough Police 101 non-emergency
  • Peterborough Police 999 emergencies
  • NSPCC 0808 800 5000
  • Parentline Plus 0808 800 2222
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