Unemployment and hardship

Financial issues


Being in debt can be stressful and it can be difficult to know what to do first - especially if you are constantly getting letters and calls from the companies you owe money to. You might be thinking about taking out a loan to pay back money you owe, but this can make the problem worse when there might be a better solution for you. 

Becoming debt free takes time, can improve your credit rating and mean you can think about longer term plans. 

If you’re struggling with debt, it can be hard to know where to turn. But with lots of free advice services available across the UK, you can find help in a way that’s best for you.

A debt adviser can help you. They will:

  • never judge you or make you feel bad about your situation
  • always be happy to talk to you, however big or small your problem might be
  • find ways to manage your debts even if you think you have no spare money
  • suggest ways to deal with debts that you might not know about
How to access support

The Citizens Advice Bureau can help you work out how to manage your debts.

People who can help and useful websites

Don't get bitten by a loan shark

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Rent arrears

If you cannot pay your rent, don’t ignore the problem. Talk to your landlord as soon as possible. Whether the problem is caused by a change of circumstances, a budgeting difficulty, or a cut in benefits, you can take some important steps you can take to help get yourself back in control and avoid eviction.

  • Talk to your landlord
  • Identify the problem and work out a plan

Some useful tips can be found on the Money Advice Service website.

Inability to afford basic food or clothing

If you are unable to afford to buy food you may be able to access vouchers to get food from the local Foodbank  

You may also be able to be referred to a charity that can help you with basic furniture or clothing.

How to access support

Inadequate or inappropriate housing

The council provides a range of advice and assistance to those with accommodation needs. Whether you're a Housing Association tenant, rent privately, own a property or have no fixed address, we offer free and confidential advice on various housing related subjects. More information can be found on our Housing Advice page.

If you think you may be living in overcrowded conditions, you should contact your local housing enforcement officer. There's more information on our Overcrowded Homes page.


If you are currently homeless or being threatened with homelessness, which means you have been asked to leave your current accommodation within 28 days, you should get advice as soon as possible by contacting Peterborough City Council.

How to access support 

Come to the Town Hall in person, if you can't then call 01733 864064, telephones are also available at the Town Hall. An appointment will be made for a homelessness interview for you with one of our officers if required.

Young person not in employment, education or training (NEET)

For support with independent Careers Information, Advice and Guidance young people can come to the Youth Access Hub, room 5 at City College Peterborough, Brook Street on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm. This is free to access and young people can either drop-in to any session or make an appointment by calling 01733 864500.

Help is provided with careers guidance, CV writing, job search, interview techniques or signposting to a variety of programmes and courses and other support across the city.

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