Free solar for your home

Empower Peterborough, the scheme offering homeowners in Peterborough the chance to have solar panels installed for free, has reopened after recent changes to the Feed-in Tariff and is being offered to all areas of the city.

The solar installation is offered free of charge and the house occupant is expected to benefit from an energy saving of roughly £200 every year and own the operating PV system at the end of the 20-year term.

The wider Peterborough Community also benefits, as a percentage of the money generated will be shared equally between a Local Community Fund and Peterborough City Council.

The solar systems are installed by Empower Peterborough CIC, a partnership between the council and Empower Community, a social enterprise.

The homeowner will sign a Roof Lease Agreement which allows for the installation, maintenance of the PV system and collection of Feed-in Tariff payments for 20 years. The installation process is quick and straight forward and, once its installed, you can use as much of the free solar electricity as you like. You don’t have to make any changes with your electricity supplier.

Unfortunately not everyone will be eligible, as each roof needs to be assessed for its suitability (orientation, shading, size, access, etc.) and the electricity network operator has to permit each installation.

This offer is only available to homeowners in the Peterborough City Council catchment area.

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How the process works:

  • As the property owner, you complete the online registration form and we email you further information and the paperwork (sample Roof Lease, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.).
  • If you have a mortgage, we will also ask you to complete an authorisation for us to gain approval from your mortgage provider.
  • We then remotely assess your property’s suitability for an installation, check Land Registry details and gain approval from the electricity network operator.
  • If your property qualifies we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a physical survey* to be carried out on your property.
  • At this appointment, the paperwork is signed and an appointment is made to install your solar PV array, which takes half a day.

* Under the terms of the new Feed-in Tariff legislation, a property must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of ‘D’ or better to qualify for solar PV. If your property doesn’t already have this, our surveyor will be able to conduct the EPC assessment for you at the same time as the physical survey. The physical survey is conducted at our cost, and we can offer the EPC assessment at the discounted rate of £40 + VAT (usually £50 - £150). We will only proceed with the EPC assessment if the surveyor is confident that your property will qualify for an installation, and you can then pay the £40 direct to the surveyor. (N.B. The EPC will then be yours to keep and is valid for 10 years, and is required if you want to sell or rent your house).