Report it online

You can report a variety of local issues online to Peterborough City Council.

In order to ensure that our staff can respond to your report as quickly as possible, please read this page carefully and select the appropriate form or system to make your report.

Bins and rubbish

Anti-social behaviour

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Nuisance vehicles
  • Unauthorised traveller's site
  • Damage to play areas

Noise and nuisances

A noise or nuisance is where the actions of another are unreasonable and cause a substantial interference to the use and enjoyment of a resident’s property or are prejudicial to health.

Complaints can only be investigated when you are affected at home. If you are affected at work please report this to your health and safety representative.

You must read the guidance on noise and nuisances before making a report.

Breaches of planning control and building regulations

  • Dangerous structures or buildings
  • Building work, engineering operations and material changes of use without planning permission
  • Development not carried out in accordance with approved plans
  • Conditions of planning permission or a s106 legal agreement that have not been complied with
  • Unauthorised demolition in a Conservation Area and unauthorised works to a Listed Building
  • Removal or works to a protected tree without consent
  • Display of advertisements without consent

Find out more about planning enforcement.