We are continually working to make this website accessible to all users.

So that we meet the highest standards of access for all, we test, maintain and modify our webpages to meet the government level of accessibility required.

Content and readability

All content on the website is written in plain English so that content is easy to read, in-line with similar principles to “simpler, clearer, faster”.

The website is compatible with screen reader software and designed to be compatible with:

  • basic operating system screen magnifiers, such as ZoomText magnifier
  • speech recognition software
  • operating system speech packages

Further help and guidance from AbilityNet

AbilityNet helps people of any age and with any disability to use technology to achieve their goals at home, at work and in education.

AbilityNet provides guidance about how to:

Making health and social care information accessible

From 31 July 2016, all organisations that provide NHS care or adult social care are legally required to follow the Accessible Information Standard.

The standard aims to make sure that people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss are provided with information that they can easily read or understand with support so they can communicate effectively with health and social care services.

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