Privacy policy

When collecting personal data, the law requires us to provide information about:

  • Who we are
  • How to contact us
  • The purpose for which your personal data is used
  • Who we share your personal data with

We provide a range of statutory and other services to local people and businesses and collect personal data for many purposes. You may get to a data collection point via our website. 

Privacy notices

Services that collect personal data will provide a privacy notice to explain the purpose and legal basis for collecting, storing and using your data. They will provide a link to any relevant privacy notice at the point of any data collection. For example, this could be a Microsoft Form, online account portal, payments system, reporting tool, survey. To understand how your personal information is processed, check the privacy notice and contact the service or our data controller to ask about your personal circumstances. You can also refer to any communications or auto-responses you have received as part of your transaction or engagement with us.

About this website

Our website ( is provided and hosted by Zengenti. You can use our website without providing any personal information, or us collecting or storing any personal data. This privacy statement only applies to and doesn’t cover other domains, webservices, platforms, applications, or contact methods that we may link to.

We do not currently use any web services or forms that collect personal data via our provider Zengenti. Our website may link to other webservices and tools that may collect your personal data. If this is the case, the domain, webservice or tool will have their own privacy policy, cookie policy and accessibility statements.

Our website provider stores IP addresses for hosting and security reasons

Zengenti 'load balancer' logs protect against our site being spammed or overloaded. The log includes the IP addresses of users. These are retained for 30 days. They are sometimes used for security purposes - e.g. to whitelist or blacklist certain IP addresses from accessing the CMS (content management system) or websites. These logs are machine read - no human intervention is required unless any flags or alerts are raised that require someone to access those logs. Human access is audited and the data is only accessible to a very small number of people at Zengenti responsible for hosting, support and operations.


Our cookie controller is set to only allow 'necessary cookies' by default. No complicated choices for you and no unnecessary data collection. You will have to explicitly opt-in, if you want to allow 'additional cookies'. This includes analytics, advertising and remarketing and allows read and write to third party cookies. For more information on cookies and related technologies used on this site, you can read our cookie policy.