What we are doing in Peterborough


Peterborough City Council is responding to the Ukrainian Crisis in a number of ways.

Think Communities Teams and Cohesion Service

Our Think Communities Teams and Cohesion Service are working directly into communities to give support. From them the following has been requested.

We have had requests from the local Ukrainian community as follows:

  • Facilities to store donations
  • Volunteers to work with donations aid
  • Online counselling offered in Ukrainian and Russian languages
  • Promotion of the fundraising
  • Funding for a website and other resources to support the work

Full Council pledge

Members of the council gave their unanimous approval for a motion at the Full Council meeting on 2 March which expressed grave concern at the ongoing situation in the Ukraine and pledged to offer whatever support the authority can.

The motion also:

  • Supports actions of the UK Government to resolve the situation through diplomacy and the implementation of strong economic sanctions in response to the invasion.
  • Noted Peterborough’s long-standing twinning partnership with the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, which was set up in 1991.
  • Committed the council to look at ways of strengthening and developing the twinning partnership, as well as supporting Vinnytsia’s residents and the rest of Ukraine.
  • Committed the council to look at ways of raising awareness with Peterborough residents of the ongoing challenges that the community in Vinnytsia is facing.

You can read the motion in full online.

The authority recently sent a letter to the Mayor of Vinnytsia offering support to the city’s residents and officers will work to follow this up.

Data protection

Local authorities use information about basic details of guests (such as age, gender, arrival date) and hosts (such as location) to plan services and support, for example to make sure there are enough school places.

This information is shared with other local authorities, health services and relevant voluntary and community sector organisations. The information that is shared is not individually identifiable, only totals are shared.