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Clare Lodge secure children’s home is a pleasant and nurturing environment according to Ofsted

19 February 2024

Children experience a pleasant and nurturing environment at Clare Lodge, Peterborough City Council’s secure children’s home, according to Ofsted inspectors.

The home, which is a secure unit providing care for up to 16 girls aged between 10 to 17, received an assurance inspection on 23 January 2024. It followed its last full inspection in July 2023 when it was rated as ‘good’.

The aim of assurance inspections is to evaluate the care and safety of children and the effectiveness of leaders and managers. Inspectors looked closely at the experiences and progress of children using the social care common inspection framework.

According to the report, the girls living at Clare Lodge ‘are cared for by staff who understand and prioritise their needs’.

It said: “Positive relationships are a real strength and provide children with a sense of feeling safe and cared for. One child said, ‘I love being here. I feel safe, get on with staff and enjoy education.’ There is a good principle of ‘child first’ that runs throughout the home.”

The report said care, health and education staff work together to implement well-thought-out and individually tailored plans. Inspectors said this ensures that children’s individual needs remain the focus throughout their stay.

The report also said that children’s risks and vulnerabilities are well documented and understood by staff. It said: “Staff work hard to help children understand past behaviours while taking a trauma informed approach to current needs. One child wrote, ‘My key workers are awesome.’”

The report goes on to say that ‘Leaders and managers are working through a well-thought-out improvement plan.’ It said the plan focuses on issues such as staff recruitment and monitoring and oversight and has led to ‘improved accountability at all levels.’

It said: “As a result, improvements noted at the last full inspection are being embedded and built on.”

Councillor Ray Bisby, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “I am really pleased to see that Clare Lodge continues to provide good standards of care to the vulnerable young girls who are staying there. The girls who come to Clare Lodge have often faced many difficulties in their young lives, and staff are putting their needs first to ensure they feel safe and cared for and their voices are heard.”

Inspectors identified two areas in which the home could improve which focused on the way the complaints record is organised it also said staff should ensure planning in all areas of education is focused on helping children develop their knowledge, skills, behaviour and confidence.

To read the full report visit here.