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Footbridges to close

05 January 2024

Following recent inspections in Cuckoos Hollow between Werrington and Gunthorpe, the council has made the difficult decision to close three public footbridges for the foreseeable future.

The bridges, adjacent to Baron Court, Lakeside and Welbourne, are considered to be in a condition that poses too great a risk to public safety.

The bridges had already been identified as needing replacement in the 2024/2025 financial year and initial inspections and design works have already been started.

Unfortunately, the deterioration of the structures has been much quicker than anticipated leading to the decision to close them. The council is aware of and apologises for the disruption this will cause for the many and varied users of Cuckoos Hollow and is reviewing work programmes to prioritise the construction of replacement bridges.

Cllr Elsey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Climate Change commented "It is unfortunate we have had to take the decision to close the footbridges in Cuckoos Hollow. We know the area is a key route for residents that travel by bike and on foot, however, it would be wrong not to follow the expert advice we have received to remove any public health and safety risk.

"The bridges had already been identified for replacement next financial year and I am confident that Peterborough Highways will be doing everything they can to commence the works as soon as possible."

The bridges will be closed from Monday 8 January and will remain closed until the structures are replaced.