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Help make a difference this Foster Care Fortnight and join our amazing fostering community

13 May 2024

Peterborough City Council is asking people who can offer a child or young person a safe, stable and loving home to come forward and join their fostering community this Foster Care Fortnight (13-26 May).

Each year, the council’s Fostering Service participates in Foster Care Fortnight, the UK’s biggest foster care awareness raising campaign. This year’s theme, ‘fostering moments’, focuses on people’s journey to fostering and how it has shaped, defined and changed lives. Throughout the fortnight we’ll be sharing stories from some of our incredible foster carers and teams and hosting an event to welcome new carers.

Fostering, for many children and young people, can be their first positive experience of family life, and our carers do an incredible job of providing them with the stability and confidence they need. By committing their time and their love, carers give children and often whole families, the time and the space to rebuild their lives.

We spoke to Diane, who fosters for Peterborough City Council, about her experiences:

Diane, 57, who is married and lives in Peterborough said: “We started our journey when I was 40. We hadn’t really planned to foster for this long but it’s like when you pick a good book up, you can’t put it down.”

“I became a foster carer when my daughter was just 6 years old”, Diane explained.”

“She wanted a sister, and we had planned only to have one child. We had seen a private fostering company sign quite often so decided to look into fostering. Maybe not your normal reason to start fostering but I’m glad she in her own way asked for that sister. The only thing we didn’t achieve was one called Snow White!.”

“So, 17 years later we’re still here and thriving. Our life is incredibly busy and sometimes can be challenging, but with the help and support that is always available we’ve managed quite well. We’ve cared for children of all ages, abilities and many different reasons for being in care. Children have gone on to be adopted, gone back to parents, moved on to their own home and some have stayed with us until they are ready to start a life of their own.”

“It’s wonderful to see a child that comes to you scared and won’t speak, within a few months running around playing with friends and telling you everything they have been doing and just thriving. It’s the best feeling. So many times these children bring tears of pride to my eyes.”

“If someone was even just considering fostering, I’d tell them to go for it and make that phone call.”

Councillor Cllr Ray Bisby, Cabinet Member for Children's Services, Peterborough City Council, said: "Every child deserves the support and stability that foster carers provide. They are the unsung heroes who not only open their homes but also their hearts, nurturing confidence and security in children and young people.”

Foster carers help to shape brighter futures, offering a safe space where dreams can flourish and self-belief can thrive. Their dedication is not just in providing a safe home, but in building bridges of trust and empowerment, ensuring every child and young person feels valued and cherished.”

“I encourage you to reach out, to explore this rewarding journey. You are the first step in changing lives forever."