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Landlords with family-sized homes wanted

18 October 2023

The authority is on the lookout for houses to support people who have become homeless and require temporary accommodation while suitable permanent accommodation is secured.

In recent years the council has regularly used bed and breakfast accommodation to house people at rising costs and is working to reduce this going forwards.

By renting properties to the council private landlords stand to gain several benefits including:

  • Properties will be taken on lease for five years, with a rolling break clause should you need to exit the agreement early
  • Rents paid monthly in advance. Rents payable are equal to the current Local Housing Allowance rates +10%
  • Rents reviewed annually in line with changes to the local housing allowance
  • The Council will manage properties at no additional cost to the landlord
  • The Council will take responsibility for all repairs and statutory compliance whilst leased to us.
  • At the end of the contract the property will be returned in a fit and rentable state – so you can continue to keep the property on the market.

By allowing us to rent your property, you’ll be guaranteed payment on your rental for as long as the time-period is contracted for, without the potential stress.

In return, the council has several requirements for would-be landlords:

  • All properties must have vacant possession, we will not enter agreements with owners where properties are tenanted, and the householder will be made homeless in order to join the scheme.
  • All properties must be of a good standard of repair and have a valid gas safety and electrical testing certificate.
  • All properties will require a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and be rated 'E' or above.
  • Owners/Landlords will be required to have buildings insurance to cover structural faults/repairs, flood, fire and other disasters.

If you have an empty property that requires works to bring it up to a lettable standard, we may be able to undertake the works required to bring them up to standard. Cost of works would be recovered through a reduced rent spread out over the lease term.

Councillor Steve Allen, Deputy Leader of Peterborough City Council and Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities said: “We want to encourage as many private landlords to get in contact as possible, this will allow us to help more people that are in a tricky situation and need accommodation.

“We are looking for housing that covers the full breadth of the city, from two-bedroom homes to much larger properties. We would emphasise that Peterborough City Council will take care of all matters and simply hand you the keys back at the end of your contract, taking much of the stress out of being a landlord.”

If you are interested in learning more about renting your property to the council visit here or email