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Peterborough City Council launches vinyl record inspired investment prospectus

15 January 2024

Peterborough's exciting vision for delivering growth and regeneration is set out in a new investment prospectus which has been launched by the city council. The prospectus describes multiple investment opportunities to drive forward a new growth vision for the city designed to benefit everyone.

Branded with inspiration from British Rock, the front cover, ‘Peterborough – talking ‘bout regeneration’, invites investors to choose Peterborough, which is on the cusp of a regeneration revolution.

The breadth of investment and development opportunities contained in the prospectus are all earmarked for development, such as the first phase of the Station Quarter redevelopment which has secured £48million of Levelling Up funding from government, to accelerate the creation of a new iconic, double-sided station along the East Coast Main Line.

Other projects include developing derelict land parcels such as car parks, delivering executive homes in a city centre location and expanding the city’s higher education offer.

Detailed in the prospectus is the council’s priorities for city centre regeneration, innovative approaches towards achieving carbon zero, upskilling the population and enhancing connectivity and infrastructure.

Councillor Peter Hiller, Cabinet Member for Housing, Growth and Regeneration, said: “Peterborough is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and this prospectus sets out our vision as a city of outstanding opportunity.

“We understand that connectivity, a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, funding, and support is key for investors and occupiers – something we can offer in abundance.

“Peterborough’s built environment is changing for the future and the prospectus brings together the diverse array of opportunities. We hope this ever-involving guide will be received with enthusiasm and excitement.”

The investment prospectus is available to download and paper copies can be requested by emailing