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Gambling Act

The Gambling Act 2005 comprehensively modernised the law on gambling and introduced a powerful regulator for gambling, the Gambling Commission. The Commission issue personal and operating licences and ensure compliance with these and the associated Codes of Practice and investigates and prosecutes illegal gambling providers.

In addition, whilst the Gambling Commission regulates the gambling industry, the Act gives us responsibility for the licensing of gambling premises.

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Gambling licences and permits

In order for gambling activity to take place in any public premises within our boundary, the following licences will be required and can be obtained from the Gambling Commission:

  • operating licence
  • personal licence (subject to circumstance)
  • premises licence.

In addition, a premises licence must also be obtained. Under the Act, we are responsible for dealing with the following applications:

  • casinos
  • betting offices
  • race tracks
  • bingo halls
  • adult gaming centres
  • licensed family entertainment centres. 

We also issues permits for gaming and gaming machines in clubs, unlicensed family entertainment centres and gaming machines in pubs or other alcohol licensed premises.

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Licence and permit fees

Premises licence fees

Bingo Betting premises  Tracks Family entertainment centres Adult gaming centre
New application  £3,025 £2,089 £2,089 £1,672 £1,672
Annual fee £899 £553 £877 £662 £877
Variation application  £1,500 £1,254 £1,045 £836 £836
Transfer application  £1,030 £1,004 £794 £793 £1,004
Application for re-instatement  £1,030 £1,004 £794 £793 £1,004
Application for provisional statement  £3,025 £2,089 £2,089 £1,672 £1,672
Licence application for provisional statement holders £1,030 £1,004 £794 £793 £964
Copy licence  £11 £11 £11 £11 £11
Notification of change  £26 £26 £26 £26 £26

Temporary use notice fees

  • Application for temporary use notice £150 (500)
  • Copy of notice £10.50 (25)

These fees are set by the Secretary of State and the licensing authority has no discretion to change them.

Gambling permit fees

FEC gaming machine Prize gaming Alcohol licences premises notification of 2 or less machines Alcohol licences premises more than 2 machines Club gaming Club gaming machine Club fast-track for gaming or gaming machine
Application £300 £300 £50 £150 £200 £200 £100
Annual  - - - £50 £50 £50 £50
Renewal £300 £300 - - £200 £200 £100
Transitional application  £100 £100 - £100 £100 £100 -
Change of name £25 £25 - £25 - - -
Copy of permit £15 £15 - £15 £15 £15 -
Variation - - - £100 £100 £100 -
Transfer - - - £25 - - -

Small society lottery registration

You may view the Gambling Commission guidance on running a lottery, otherwise, fees are as follows:

  • Grant £40
  • Annual fee £20

Gambling application forms

Lottery Application

Size: 170.83 KB File format: pdf

Lottery Renewal

Size: 168.75 KB File format: pdf

Returns Form

Size: 81.35 KB File format: pdf

Permit applications

Alcohol licensed gaming machine permit application

Size: 240.67 KB File format: pdf

Club gaming OR club machine permit application

Size: 192.86 KB File format: pdf

Prize gaming permit application

Size: 223.81 KB File format: pdf

Premises licenses

Premises license notices

Premises licence application

Size: 36.54 KB File format: pdf

Premises licence (vessel) application

Size: 39.47 KB File format: pdf

Provisional statement application

Size: 38.67 KB File format: pdf

Provisional statement (vessel) application

Size: 36.79 KB File format: pdf

Premises licence variation application

Size: 36.79 KB File format: pdf

Premises licence transfer application

Size: 35.88 KB File format: pdf

Re-instate premises licence application

Size: 33.70 KB File format: pdf

Provisional statement of Form A

Size: 18.56 KB File format: pdf

Provisional statement for Form B

Size: 22.82 KB File format: pdf

Public notice of grant of premises licence

Size: 16.84 KB File format: pdf

Provisional statement of public notice

Size: 17.00 KB File format: pdf

Temporary use notices

Variation notices

Temporary use notice application

Size: 33.14 KB File format: pdf

Temporary use notice (vessel) application

Size: 35.44 KB File format: pdf

Occasional use notice application

Size: 72.50 KB File format: pdf

Variation - responsible authorities - Form A

Size: 22.82 KB File format: pdf

Variation - responsible authorities - Form B

Size: 25.50 KB File format: pdf

Public notice of variation

Size: 27.61 KB File format: pdf

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Licensing objectives

Any decisions made by either body must be made in accordance with the three licensing objectives which are:

  • preventing gambling from being a source of crime and disorder
  • ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  • protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

Licensing policy - statement of principles

Size: 1.15 MB File format: pdf

Statement of Principles

Peterborough City Council, along with other Licensing Authorities, have a duty under the Act to publish a Statement of Principles and review this Statement at least every three years. The Statement of Principles sets out how the Council intends to exercise its functions under the Act.

The initial statement was published in January 2007, was updated in January 2010, 2013 and 2016 and a revised statement is therefore required to be published by January 2019.

The revised policy was approved by full council at a meeting held on 12 December and can be read below.

Statement of Principles

Size: 1.26 MB File format: pdf

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