Customer service performance


We are committed to providing the best possible services for everyone who visits, lives or works in Peterborough. We have agreed a set of customer service principles which outline our aims.

When you visit us

We will:

  • ensure that you can access our offices
  • ensure our reception areas will be clean and welcoming and provide information about council services
  • ensure our reception staff see you promptly
  • make sure you see someone appropriate to deal with your enquiry or arrange an appointment for you, if necessary
  • provide an interpreter, or other support, if needed, (this may need us to make an appointment)
  • explain any delays of over 10 minutes to your arranged appointment
  • ensure the person dealing with your enquiry gives their name and wears a name badge.
  • make other arrangements with you, if you cannot visit one of our offices

When we visit you

We will:

  • explain who we are and show you an authorised identification card
  • explain the purpose of our visit

Effective two way communication

We will:

  • agree the nature of your enquiry with you and discuss when you can expect us to resolve it (if possible)
  • keep you informed on the progress and final outcome of your enquiry, what happened last, what will happen next and when it will happen

When you telephone us

We will:

  • aim to answer your call within 20 seconds (5 rings)
  • provide our name to allow you to follow up with another call if necessary
  • thank you for your call
  • aim to direct you to the person you ask to speak to, or to someone else who can deal with your enquiry
  • if the person you need to speak to is not available, we will try to help, take a message or arrange for someone to ring you back
  • if you leave a voicemail or answerphone message, we will aim to call you back within 1 working day

Putting things right

We will do our best to identify and address the cause of customer dissatisfaction to prevent further incidents.

Courtesy and helpfulness

We will:

  • be polite, positive, helpful and treat you with respect and fairness
  • ensure our staff are highly trained and proactive
  • listen carefully in order to understand and respond to your needs
  • tell you our name and wear a name badge
  • give you an explanation of our actions
  • do everything we can to resolve your query to your satisfaction

In addition:

  • If we are unable to resolve your enquiry, we will forward it to the appropriate person
  • Where appropriate, we will keep a progress record on your enquiry and any advice we gave showing what has been done, by whom and when
  • We also expect customers to maintain certain standards and we will not tolerate abuse of staff

When you write to us (including fax and email)

We will:

  • aim to acknowledge your e-mail within one working day of receipt
  • aim to reply to your correspondence within 10 working days of receipt, and if we cannot achieve this write and let you know when a full reply will be sent
  • ensure our reply identifies the person who is dealing with your enquiry so that you know who to contact if you need to

Customer Services Performance

October 2021



number of calls answered


% of all calls answered


First call resolution


% of calls answered within 20 seconds


Number of emails answered within 10 days


Number of letters answered within 10 days


number of customers served (reduced service due to Covid-19)


number of complaints received about Customer Services


number of compliments received about Customer Services


Customer satisfaction survey results from September 2021

Call Centre



Customers surveyed who were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service provided


Customers who thought speed of answer was good


Customers who, expressing a preference, thought advisors were polite & friendly


Customers who thought staff were unhelpful


Customers who thought they were treated fairly by the member of staff who dealt with their query


Customers who understood the information given to them by a member of staff


Customer satisfaction survey results from February 2020

Face to face in the customer service centre (closed from March 20 to June 21. Now open with limited service and opening hours)



Customers who were satisfied or very satisfied with quality of service received


Customers who thought they had been treated fairly


Customer who thought waiting time was acceptable


Customers who thought opening times were convenient


Customers who, expressing a preference, thought the member of staff was polite & friendly


Customers who thought staff were unhelpful


Customers who understood the information given to them by a member of staff


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