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Council tax appeals

Let us know if you think your council tax bill is incorrect

There are various reasons why you may think your council tax bill is incorrect. Examples include:

  • You believe the name and / or address is incorrect
  • You believe the charge is higher than it should be
  • You believe you should receive a discount or exemption

It may be that we don't have all the information about your circumstances to send you the correct bill.

If you tell us more about your circumstances, the amount of council tax you need to pay may change. If it does, we'll issue you with a new council tax bill.

Please contact us by:

Please include your council tax account number in your email or tell it to us over the phone.

If you disagree with your council tax band, you must contact the Valuation Tribunal Service.

Appeal our decision if you still disagree

If you still don't agree that your bill is correct, you may be able to appeal if one of the following reasons apply:

  • You do not agree you are liable for the council tax
  • You do not agree with the dates you are shown as liable for the council tax
  • You have not been given a discount which you believe should apply
  • You have not been given an exemption which you believe should apply
  • You have not been given a reduction for a person with a disability and you believe you are entitled
  • You disagree with a penalty imposed

How to appeal

You must send us a written appeal explaining why you are making an appeal.

We have two months to consider your appeal and respond.

Please email us at Alternatively, you can write to us at the following address:

Council Tax
Shared Transactional Services
Peterborough City Council
Town Hall

Escalate your appeal

If we reject your appeal or fail to respond within two months, you can make a further appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service. They are independent of the council.

You must make your appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service:

  • Within two months of us rejecting your initial appeal
  • Within four months of the initial appeal where we fail to respond

Council tax payments during the appeal

While you wait for the outcome of your appeal, the council tax remains payable as billed.

If you don't pay, we will continue with enforcement action even if the appeal remains outstanding.