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Signing places for the petition to remove the MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

All registered voters in the Peterborough Constituency are eligible to sign the petition, those in the North West Cambridgeshire constituency will not be able to sign the petition. You can use the polling station search below to find out which constituency you are in.

If you are in the Peterborough constituency, use the list of streets to find your address and this will show you which polling district you are in.

You can find which signing place you need to go to in the table below. 

List of streets and polling districts

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Full details of the petition, including opening times of the signing places, can be found on the public notice of petition page.

Polling District(s) Signing Place
THO Bedford Hall, Station Road, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0QE
BRN1, BRN2, BRN3, BRN4, BRS, RAV2, RAV3 Bretton Library, The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8DS
DOG1, DOG2, DOG3, DOG4, NTH1, NTH2, PAR2 Dogsthorpe Library, Central Avenue, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, PE1 4LH
EAS1, EAS2, EAS3, EAS4 East Community Centre, Padholme Road, Peterborough, PE1 4LH
EYE1, EYE2 Eye Youth & Community Centre, Crowland Road, Eye Village, Peterborough, PE6 7TN
GUN2, GUN3, GUN4, GUN5, PAW1, PAW2, PAW3, PAW4 Honeyhill Children's Centre, 150 Chadburn, Paston, Peterborough, PE4 7DH
CEN4, FLW1, RAV1, RAV4, WES St Lukes Church, Mayors Walk, West Town, Peterborough, PE3 6EZ
BOR, NEW1, PEA The Bull, Guntons Road, Newborough, Peterborough, PE6 7QW
CEN1, CEN2, CEN3, NTH3, NTH4, PAR1, PAR3 Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HQ
GLC, GUN1, WER1, WER2, WER3, WER4 Werrington Library, Staniland Way, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6JT

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