Maps of Peterborough

Map of Peterborough

You can use the map of Peterborough to find the location or area of many different services and facilities in the city, including council wards, polling stations, schools, conservation areas, rights of way and the council boundary for example.

Cycle maps

Details of cycle routes and networks, including the Green Wheel, are available from the Visit Peterborough website.

Council wards and polling stations

You can see the council wards and polling stations on the map of Peterborough, the list of councillors shows which councillors represent each ward.

Unitary Authority area

A map showing the Peterborough City Council Unitary Authority area, you can also see the Unitary Authority area on an interactive map.

Peterborough Unitary Authority area map
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City centre

Peterborough city centre has been produced on a useful visitors map that includes points of interest and parking facilities.

Size: 351KBFile format: pdf

Local activities and attractions

A map showing local activities and attractions in Peterborough and the surrounding towns and villages.

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