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Re-open the Glinton Surgery


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Democratic ServicesPeterborough City CouncilBridge StreetPeterboroughPE1 1HQ

Democratic Services


01733 747474

Petition Started: 07 May 2021 - Petition Ended: 18 May 2021

Resolved: At the end of the petition period

Petition title: Re-open the Glinton Surgery
Date and where submitted: E-petition and a paper version on the 7 and 11 May
Petition request: We the undersigned petition the council to Petition the Deeping Health Centre and Lincolnshire Health Authority to re-open the Glinton Surgery without further delay. There are contact issues regarding access to health care facilities for local residents in Glinton and other villages to the North of Peterborough.
Number of signatures: 205
Service area responsible: Public Health
Status: Completed
Date acknowledged: 18 May 2021