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Reverse the decision to build a faith school on Hampton Water.


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Petition Started: 01 Jan 2021 - Petition Ended: 04 Mar 2021

Resolved: At the end of the petition period

Petition title Petition the council to reverse the decision to build a faith school on Hampton Water
Date and where submitted 01/01/21 - E-petition
Petition request We request that the Council reverse its decision to approve a new religiously selective Catholic primary school in Hampton Water and instead take steps to ensure that any new school in the area is open and suitable for all regardless of religion or belief. We make this request on the basis that sufficient demand for Catholic school places was never established and the plan is not appropriate to the needs of the majority of Hampton residents, including those who have moved into the area since the decision was made.
Number of signatures 215
Service area responsible Education Department
Acknowledgement letter81KBpdf
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