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Zebra Crossing


Contact Information

Democratic ServicesTown HallBridge StreetPeterboroughPE1 1HG

Democratic Services


01733 747474

Petition Started: 22 Mar 2023 - Petition Ended: 17 Apr 2023

Resolved: At the end of the petition period

Date and where submitted: E-petition submitted to Democratic Services on 6 March 2023.
Petition request:

"...I, therefore, request that the Council considers installation of Zebra Crossings at the following locations: along Westfield Road, Atherstone Ave, Gresley Way and Hartwell Way."

View the Zebra Crossing e-petition in full on our Democracy Peterborough website.

Number of signatures: 1
Service area responsible: Environment, Highways and Transport - Place and Economy
Status: Rejected
Date acknowledged 22 March 2023