Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan 2019 - 2029

The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) aims to provide the context and network planning to prioritise a list of walking and cycling routes that should be targeted for improvement in the future.

The routes identified offer the greatest opportunity to increase numbers of walking and cycling trips in Peterborough and have been prioritised using a range of factors and objectives.

The schemes identified are purely indicative at this time. More comprehensive designs and concepts will need to be determined by more detailed studies.

Local user knowledge is a key source of information and we welcome input in developing the strategic network of schemes.

Delivery of the plan will be evidence led, based on a range of data sources and informed by the views and aspirations of residents, visitors and local groups in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, including people who do not currently cycle or walk on a regular basis.

This is the first draft iteration of the LCWIP and is for information only. Formal consultation will take place shortly. 

If you do have any questions, feedback or comments, please email travelchoice@peterborough.gov.uk.

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