Public Health Outcomes Framework

The Department of Health published the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) - a set of indicators helping us to understand how well public health is being improved and protected - for England 2013-2016 in January 2012. The framework was revised in August 2016, presenting a refreshed PHOF for England 2016-2019.

The framework concentrates on two high-level outcomes to be achieved across the public health system:

  • Increased healthy life expectancy
  • Reduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities
  • The PHOF contains four sets of supporting public health indicators, grouped in to ‘domains’ that allow for year-on-year comparison and analysis of national and local trends with regards to public health.

The four domains are:

  • Improving the wider determinants of health
  • Health improvement
  • Health protection
  • Healthcare public health and preventing premature mortality

PHOF updates are staggered periodically across the year by Public Health England, with approximately 25% of the data set being updated each February, May, August and November. As a result, all of the metrics within the PHOF are updated on an annual basis.

A report summarising changes to the Public Health Outcomes Framework for Peterborough is submitted to the Peterborough City Council Public Health Board at quarterly intervals, these reports are available below.

Public Health Outcomes Framework - May 2017

Size: 358.07 KB File format: pdf

Public Health Outcomes Framework - November 2017

Size: 462.06 KB File format: pdf

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