Healthy habits


5 for Life aims to promote the importance of good health and provide you with quick and easy ways to introduce five healthy lifestyle choices into your daily routine by:

  • eating healthily
  • getting active
  • getting checked regularly
  • drinking sensibly
  • stopping smoking.

We want people in and around Peterborough to have an excellent quality of life now and in their later years, which is why we want you, your family, your friends, your neighbours and your work colleagues to participate in 5 for Life. We want everyone to experience first-hand the benefits of a healthier, happier life - so please get involved.

Staying healthy and feeling great is important at any age. You can still be full of colour and vitality whether you are 20 or 70! Protecting your health is key and adopting some simple healthy lifestyle choices is a great way to start - and they don't have to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time.

Health benefits

Adopting these five lifestyle choices will:

  • improve your mental health and happiness levels
  • increase your immunity to fight disease
  • help lower your blood pressure
  • help lower your heart rate and build a stronger heart
  • give you more energy and make you feel more alert
  • make you feel younger and more confident
  • reduce your chances of developing kidney disease and respiratory disease
  • improve your posture and mobility
  • reduce your aches and pains
  • increase your self-esteem
  • control your stress levels
  • help you sleep
  • help manage your weight 
  • help prolong better long term quality of life

Start building these basic lifestyle choices into your daily routine now - the sooner you start, the sooner you will feel and see the benefits. But remember, it’s all about taking small steps, finding a balance and slowly working them into your new healthy regime - it’s better to start with one or two than all five as you may feel overwhelmed and find it easier to give up.

Get started

We post useful ideas, hints and tips on Facebook and Twitter about:

  • health services, programmes, events and clubs
  • how to reduce your alcohol intake and maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol
  • support networks and medication to help you give up smoking
  • useful national health campaigns
  • workplace engagement opportunity - get your staff involved with 5 for Life
  • free NHS health checks and how to book yours
  • ideas to help build regular exercise into your routine
  • 5 for Life top tips
  • quick and easy recipes to get healthier foods into your diet

Peterborough's health profile is published quarterly by Public Health England.