Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

Latest Coronavirus information

There are no Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions in the UK.

If you have Covid-19, you should try to stay at home.

Most people cannot get free test kits. You can buy test kits in shops, but you cannot report the result to the NHS.

Visit the Coronavirus page on the NHS website for the latest information on:

  • Symptoms
  • Testing
  • Vaccinations
  • NHS Covid pass
  • What to do if you have Covid-19 or have symptoms of Covid-19
  • Self-care and treatments
  • People at higher risk
  • How to reduce the spread of Covid-19
  • Long-term effects (long Covid)

Further information

Covid-19 vaccinations

The NHS continues to operate a Coronavirus vaccination service. You can still book vaccination appointments on the NHS website.

Autumn 2023 Covid-19 booster jab

This year's autumn flu and Covid-19 vaccine programmes will start earlier than planned in England as a precautionary measure following the identification of a new Covid-19 variant.

Vaccinations are now set to start on 11 September 2023 in England with adult care home residents and those most at risk to receive vaccines first. Eligible people are urged to come forward for their jab as soon as they're invited.

Read the press release on the GOV.UK website - 'Flu and Covid autumn vaccine programmes brought forward'