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Carbon Literacy Training

18 March 2024

Peterborough City Council are offering free Carbon Literacy Training to Community Groups, Businesses and Parish Councils. The training will give you a strong background knowledge of climate change and its local and global impacts. It will discuss potential decarbonisation activities and the other benefits to doing these.

The course will give you tools to be able to confidently talk about climate change, and will provide you support to develop ideas to reduce emissions in your homelife and in the organisation that you are attending on behalf of. You will have the opportunity to become certified Carbon Literate. This certification is also provided for free.

The training consists of around 7-8 hours of total content delivered either in person or online. You can choose from:

  • week-day
  • evening
  • weekend training courses

The course can be delivered in:

  • a single day
  • two 4-hour sessions
  • three 2.5-hour sessions
  • four 2-hour sessions

Please use our online form to register your interest

If you would like further information please email