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Enforcement of moving traffic offences to start

02 February 2024

The enforcement of moving traffic offences will start at three sites in Peterborough next week.

Peterborough City Council is starting the initiative to penalise poor and illegal driving habits, reduce congestion, improve air quality and road safety, as well as encouraging sustainable travel.

The authority was granted new enforcement powers under the Traffic Management Act 2004 after applying to the Secretary of State last year, following a six-week public consultation.

From Monday 5 February, enforcement will be carried out by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at three sites - Long Causeway (pedestrian and cycle zone), Westgate (pedestrian and cycle zone) and Queens Drive West (Safer School Street), with warning signs in place.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, cabinet member for Infrastructure, Environment and Climate Change, said: “I’m delighted that we are now able to start this enforcement work and look forward to seeing the scheme make a positive difference for years to come.

“I would like to thank our officers for their efforts in making a successful application to the government and also to everyone who took part in the public consultation, providing us with invaluable information and feedback, helping us to progress this forward.

“The new powers will help us achieve many of our key aims such as improving road safety and encouraging sustainable travel, benefitting road users and residents alike.”

Offences that will now be enforced include driving in the pedestrian and cycle zones in Long Causeway and Westgate and entering the Safer School Street in Queens Drive West, whilst the scheme is in operation.

For more information and full details off the offences which will now be enforced visit here.

The enforcement of three further sites – Church Street (no entry), Apollo Avenue (bus gate) and Bellona Drive (bus gate) will start on a date to be confirmed.

During the first six months of enforcement at any new site, warning notices will be issued on the first occasion of any offence. After this time, Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued for any further contraventions.