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General Election results announced

05 July 2024

The General Election results for the Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire constituencies have been announced. 

Andrew Pakes, Labour and Cooperative Party, was elected MP in the Peterborough constituency and Sam Carling, Labour Party, was elected MP in the North West Cambridgeshire constituency. 

Both seats were previously held by Conservative MPs. Counting took place through the night at KingsGate Conference Centre in Parnwell, with a recount for both constituencies. 

The turnout figure was 57.27% of the electorate for Peterborough and 58.76% for North West Cambridgeshire. 

Matt Gladstone, Returning Officer, said: “I would like to thank the hundreds of people who have been involved in organising the General Election for both the Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire constituencies. First and foremost, the council's elections team and wider council staff who have now delivered two elections in the space of two months. From registering candidates, the arrangements at the count venue, training polling station staff, ensuring a safe and fair election for candidates and voters, registering electors and issuing ballot papers – it is a huge logistical operation.  

“I would also like to thank those in our community who have stepped up to support with the running of polling stations and the count process once again. We could not run the election without the support of our community and we are very grateful to everyone who plays their part.” 

A full breakdown of the number of votes cast for each candidate will be available at