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Why foster with Peterborough City Council?

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When you foster with Peterborough City Council, you will be joining a professional, nurturing, and child-centred team who make sure you can access all the best local training and local support networks that we provide in your area.

Why foster with your local authority

When you’re first considering becoming a foster carer, we know you have a choice between fostering for your local authority and fostering for an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). We want to show you why it is better for you and the children and young people you care for when you choose us.

Peterborough City Council is one of the largest employers of local people and represents the communities we serve. When you foster with us, you will have the support of the council and our partner agencies behind you.

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The training we attended was really comprehensive and helps you to manage lots of situations that may arise – we also got a chance to talk it through with others in the group.

- Peterborough Foster Carer.

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Here are some of the main reasons why choosing the Peterborough Fostering Service will lead to a better fostering experience for both you and the child or young person you welcome into your home:

  • We are a not-for-profit organisation, unlike IFAs, meaning we invest all our money into our children, young people, and foster carers
  • We help young people to stay close to their family, friends, and school
  • You will be the first to hear about local children and young people who need a home and a loving family
  • The local authority is responsible for making decisions about what a child or young person in care can do, from school trips to holidays. We’re part of the local authority, so we can communicate with the relevant teams directly to help you get these decisions made more quickly
  • We will allocate you an experienced foster carer currently working for our service as a mentor
  • We are competitive in pay against IFAs alongside the additional tax savings available to you as a foster carer
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Read more about our fostering community, our training team, and the memberships and benefits we offer below.

Whenever a child or young person cannot live with their birth family, we – your local authority – are responsible for ensuring that the child or young person receives the care they need. We will work closely with their Social Worker, to find a family that can best meet their needs.

When you foster with us, you become part of our community who all work together to make sure that the best decisions are made for the children and young people in your care at various key stages of their lives. This locally based team is made up of you, your Supervising Social Worker, your child, or young person’s Social Worker, supporting council staff and staff from health and education, who each play a vital role in shaping your foster child or young person’s future.

Our local Supervising Social Workers embody the council’s values and are committed to support and supervision to help improve and enhance your fostering skills. You’ll be able to contact your Supervising Social Worker whenever you need to, and they will in turn be able to communicate directly with the children and young people’s Social Workers.

As an approved foster carer, you will receive an invitation to attend your local Foster Carer Support Group. All of our local support groups are well attended by carers, and offer an excellent opportunity to provide peer support, share additional learning, and talk with fellow carers who understand your fostering journey.

You can also expand your role within your local community as you gain knowledge and experience. You can join our Mentoring Scheme and offer support and advice to new foster carers, and you can join our Foster Carer Recruitment Ambassadors who promote our service and the importance of foster care.

We will provide you with a wide range of bespoke training opportunities to support and develop you as a foster carer, from your pre-approval period to your first year of fostering and beyond. We deliver regular training sessions locally from familiar venues within your community, ensuring you can access every session easily.

Our fabulous team of experienced Social Workers and trainers will use their diverse range of skills and knowledge to provide you with engaging and thought-provoking training so that you can get the best out of our learning programmes. Because we design and deliver training ourselves, we can adapt our courses to meet our carers’ specific requirements. Additionally, we commission training from experts in the field, enabling us to provide you with a broad range of training topics to give you a full knowledge of fostering.

As a member of our local fostering community, you will receive free membership to the Fostering Network. This will grant you access to a range of services, benefits, and information so that we can support you as a local foster carer.

The Fostering Network provides advice and information to prospective and approved foster carers, and those who support them, on a range of issues which affect the foster carer role, including topics like:

  • Allegations
  • Approval
  • Finance
  • Legislation
  • Relationships with Fostering Services

The Fostering Network has an exclusive hotline for members which is open from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

As a local authority, we can also provide you with our own benefits. Our Employee Assistance Support will cover you for:

  • Counselling
  • Legal support
  • Bereavement assistance
  • Medical information

You will also have direct access to our Virtual Schools for Children in Care, who provide specialist education support, advice, and guidance, and tailored Personal Education Plans for the child or young person you are caring for.

We will also provide you with family membership to Vivacity. This gives all your family access to several Peterborough leisure centres.

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We are proud to be part of the Foster East network. Foster East will inform us that you have made an enquiry, and we will contact you so that we can find out more about you and discuss all of the exciting options that you have available to you.