If you see graffiti on public property, please let us know.

Graffiti is anything written, sprayed or painted on public or private property. It is illegal without permission.

Reporting graffiti is different depending on:

  • Where it is
  • Whether it is offensive

Offensive graffiti could be considered as words or pictures that contain:

  • Hate comments
  • Extremist sentiment
  • Anti-faith
  • Swear words

Report graffiti on public property

You can report graffiti on public property to us:

  • Online - select the graffiti option on our report it online page
  • Phone - 01733 747474 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

If the graffiti is non-offensive, we will remove or paint over it within three working days from receiving the request.

If there is offensive graffiti on public property, Aragon will remove / paint over this within 24 hours from receiving the request.

Aragon prioritises removal of offensive graffiti on underpasses and skate parks. Where non-offensive graffiti is widespread throughout a location, it may not be feasible to remove items in the short term. The location may be logged as an area for future project investment for clearing / painting in full instead.

Removing graffiti on private property

We won't remove graffiti from private property.

You'll need to contact a private company such as Aragon Direct Services who can provide a quote.

Aragon Direct Services can provide a quote to the landowner if required. Please call 01733 747474 to request a quote.

To try and prevent / remove graffiti on private property, you could:

  • Cover the wall in trellis or climbing plants
  • Paint your own mural
  • Keep spare paint for walls - painting over graffiti can be the best way of stopping further issues
  • Paint over a whole wall and not just one section - this segment of paint can often get graffitied on again

Graffiti on third party property

We are not responsible for removing graffiti from third party property such as:

  • Train stations
  • Railway bridges
  • Telephone boxes
  • Post boxes
  • Street cabinets (not owned by us)

Contact details for reporting graffiti to other organisations: