Admissions arrangements

Each year we must decide admission arrangements for community and voluntary schools, of which we are the admission authority. For academies, foundation, free and voluntary aided schools, the governors are the admission authority for the school.

Current admission arrangements are listed below. Governed schools arrangements will be added as and when they are made available to us and any comments are to be addressed to the school themselves.

If there are any comments you wish to make about these arrangements, please email 

Anyone may object about the final version of a policy determined by us or governors of an academy, foundation, free or voluntary aided school. Objections need to be sent to the Schools Adjudicator by 30 June in each year.

Admissions arrangements - September 2017

Maintained primary schools - September 2017

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Community primary schools - September 2017

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Maintained secondary schools - September 2017

Size: 193.50 KB File format: pdf

Maintained secondary schools - September 2017

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School admission booklets

School's admission arrangements

All Saints Primary- September 2017

Size: 190.50 KB File format: pdf

Bishop Creighton Academy- September 2017

Size: 344.33 KB File format: pdf

Dogsthorpe Academy- September 2017

Size: 345.29 KB File format: pdf

Newark Hill Academy- September 2017

Size: 333.48 KB File format: pdf

Stanground Academy- September 2017

Size: 223.40 KB File format: pdf

William Law Primary- September 2017

Size: 38.86 KB File format: pdf

Arthur Mellow village college-September 2017

Size: 155.44 KB File format: pdf

City of Peterborough- September 2017

Size: 210.15 KB File format: pdf

Kings School- September 2017

Size: 367.35 KB File format: pdf

Nene Park Academy- September 2017

Size: 277.04 KB File format: pdf

Orton Wistow Primary- September 2017

Size: 236.78 KB File format: pdf

Welland Academy- September 2017

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Admissions arrangements - September 2016

School admissions annual report

We are required to provide an annual report about school admissions to the Schools Adjudicator, the 2015 report is available to download below.

School admissions annual report 2015

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