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Peterborough City Council
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Telephone: 01733 452252
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You can request a call-back for business rates enquiries by completing the business rates call-back request form

Business rates review

The council is currently conducting a review of properties within its area to ensure that they have been correctly identified and assessed for Business Rates purposes. This review is being undertaken by CapacityGRID who are matching data to identify where properties are not registered for Business Rates, or where an existing property may have undergone changes that have not been notified to the council.

As part of this review, CapacityGRID may have sent out a letter asking customers to confirm whether their use of the property has changed. An example of this is where a residential property may have been converted in whole or part to business use or where an extension has taken place at the property.

If you have received a letter from CapacityGRID, you need to follow the instructions. If you have any queries, please contact CapacityGRID on 0845 873 0265. We will not be able to deal with any questions in relation to this review on the usual business rates number.