Commercial lettings

The council has a wide and varied property portfolio across the city. There are retail units, industrial units and office premises available to lease.

If you require any further information please contact the agent listed. For any other enquiries relating to
property, please contact us by email or call 01733 384534.

Location / Type Unit no. Size Agent Rent / Year Availability

Alfric Square - Industrial

19 106.38m² (1145.06ft²)

Barker Storey Matthews 
01733 897722

£5,500 Under offer

Alfric Square- Industrial

29 106.38m² (1145.06ft²)

Barker Storey Matthews
01733 897722

£5,500 Under offer
Saville Road - Industrial

19 297 m² (3201
Barker Storey Matthews 
£14,000 Under offer
Bridge Street - Retail 17 167m²

Barker Storey Matthews
01733 897722

Rent details available on enquiry Short-term lettings only up to end of September 2017 and from beginning of January to end of February 2018
Herlington Centre - Retail 69 35.66m²

Barker Storey Matthews
01733 897722

£5750.00 No units currently Available

Updated: 29 August 2017

There are currently no units available at the following:

  • Royce Road
  • Thorney Tank Yard
  • Bretton Court
  • St Peters Arcade
  • Cattle Market Road/ Market Way