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Market research

We allow promotional activity along Bridge Street, in our city centre. We require all market research and catalogue companies to register with us and pay the appropriate fee. This includes canvassers or professional fundraisers. 

Electricity is available at a minimal fee. Metering is not required for lighting, video, vdu etc. Other usage charge by negotiation. The use of generators in Bridge Street and Long Causeway and Lower Bridge Street is restricted and will not be permitted without prior agreement.

Charity collections

Any organisation or person wishing to carry out a street collection for a charitable purpose must apply for a permit to be granted. Applications for permits must be made one month in advance to avoid disappointment and must include a letter of authority from the charity authorising the collection. 

Details of the types of collections that can be held and which require a permit are:

  • street collection - a charity or organisation collecting cash donations in a public place
  • carol singing - can be performed within the city centre pedestrian area by booking with us in advance
  • carol floats - collection of donations from around a residential area, including advance written notification to us of the planned route the float intends to take, which will be shared with the Police who will assess the application. All collectors must be over the age of 16 and a financial return must be provided to us within one month of the collection taking place.

Our collection identification badge must be worn at all times.

Collections that are intended to be held at a private venue or on private land, do not require a permit from us, the organiser or collector should seek prior permission from the owner of the land or venue.


A raffle can be held at a private function without a licence, providing the tickets are only sold at the function and the draw takes place during the event. 

All tickets sold must be of equal value, for example do not offer tickets at 25p each or 5 for £1. If alcohol is included as a prize, no tickets can be offered to any person under the age of 18.


Tombolas or information stalls can be booked to be held in the city centre pedestrian area. In some circumstances the site hire may be free but an administration fee may still be applicable for the processing of paperwork and the checking of documentation. The charity or organisation must provide it's own table and have Public Liability insurance to a minimum of £2m.

Cash donations cannot be accepted, unless the charity or organisation holds a street collection permit for use within the city centre for that date. Conditions of use apply.