Food safety


To start up a food business, please visit the Food Standards Agency website to get all the advice you will need.

Register a food business

Registration of premises used for food businesses (including market stalls, delivery vehicles, and other moveable structures) is required by law. Frequency of inspection visits depend on the degree of risk involved.

Approval of a food business

You may need approval if you produce dairy products, meat products, fishery products, egg products, minced meat or meat preparations. Please contact the food safety team in the first instance.

Food labelling

Food labelling requirements vary from product to product. More information can be found on our Trading Standards page.

Food complaints

When making a food complaint we will require the following information:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • proof of purchase where relevant
  • storage of the food (i.e. in a refrigerator or freezer)
  • as much of the food as possible
  • the name and address of the business in question
  • details of foreign body, if applicable (please retain any foreign bodies)
  • brief details of what the complaint is about
  • packaging (please retain any packaging)

You may of course deal with a complaint yourself by returning to the trader concerned and explaining your problem. It is also a good idea to put your complaint in writing and always keep a copy of the letter.

Food safety advice visits

The Food Safety team can provide bespoke advice visits to new or established food businesses to discuss and/or explain specific food safety issues relevant to their business.

Visits are charged at an hourly rate so please contact the Food Safety team first to discuss your requirements, the areas you would like advice and the length of advice visit you would like to pay for. Once this is agreed you will be informed of the appropriate fee to pay.

Please contact the Food and Safety team via or telephone 01733 207184

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Food hygiene

Food hygiene rating

We take the health of our residents very seriously and we carry out regular inspections on all food premises in Peterborough to help protect our residents.

If your business is a restaurant, takeaway, café, pub, hotel, supermarket or other retail food outlet where consumers can eat or buy food, you will be given a food hygiene rating

To contact us, please call customer services on 01733 747474 or email

Food hygiene training

The Food and Safety Team provide bespoke training to food businesses and anyone  working in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked or handled. Food Hygiene Training is delivered by our team of experienced Food Officers, who carry out food hygiene inspections of food businesses in Peterborough and Rutland.

One of the benefits of this course is that delegates will receive the latest food safety updates, advice and guidance from the Food Standards Agency.

The course tutors also share their experiences and observations from their inspections of premises and the different situations they encounter.

Before you book a place on a training course please talk to a member of the Food Team (telephone 01733 747474) to check availability and that the course is suitable for your training needs.

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Food hygiene re-inspection visit

A business can request a re-inspection visit if they would like to have their food hygiene rating reviewed before their next programmed inspection. You must first complete the application form, providing details of the improvements you have made and any supporting information if relevant.

Once you have completed this application form, a food officer will review your application form and, if you have made the necessary improvements, you will be advised to pay for this re-inspection visit.

On receipt of this payment an officer will then schedule an unannounced food hygiene re-inspection visit to your business to carry out a food hygiene inspection.

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Food premises register

You can search the list of registered food businesses on the food premises register.

Safer Food, Better Business

Food businesses need to have a documented food management system in place. All the information you need to make sure you comply with the legislation is contained in the Food Standard Agency's 'Safer Food, Better Business' packs, which have a diary section to record relevant checks like cooking and chilled food temperatures.

These packs are available for Caterers in English, Chinese and Indian cuisine and language. There is also 'Safer Food, Better Business' packs designed for retailers and childminders.

Food Law Enforcement Service Plan

This plan sets out how the Peterborough City Council and Rutland County Council will meet their statutory responsibilities for food and feed law enforcement.

These responsibilities include food safety, food standards, and labelling and composition of animal feeding stuffs.

Healthier Options Initiative

The Healthier Options Initiative aims to help local food outlets make healthier changes to their menu and food preparation. Healthier Options is free to join and open to a wide range of food outlets. It awards those that are working to reduce sugar, fat and salt content and their portion sizes, while increasing the availability of fruit and vegetables, and those that are making these healthier choices easier for their customers.

Participating outlets will be supported by the healthier options team to make a pledge relevant to their business, to implement it for customers and to promote the programme. Where outlets are already making healthier changes this may contribute towards the pledge.

If you are interested in your business becoming a member of the scheme then contact you are a customer and want to know more information about the scheme and healthier eating including who the members of the scheme are then go to the Healthier Options website.

Food safety questionnaire

Businesses who are operating with food and/or have received a letter regarding the need to complete a food safety form, can complete a food safety questionnaire by clicking on the button below.