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UK Youth Parliament Peterborough

About the UK Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people for young people. It enables them to use their energy and passion for change through opportunities and platforms both local and national. There are currently over 350 elected Members of Youth Parliament in the UK. They are all engaged in national campaigns and a variety of local projects.

Members of Youth Parliament are elected every two years by young people aged 11 to 18 in the local area.

Our Youth MPs

Danielle Daboh and Pranav Aggarwal are Peterborough's Youth MPs. They were elected on 13 March 2024 and will serve a two year term.

As Youth MPs, Danielle and Pranav will be the voice of young people in Peterborough. They will put forward their views at a local, regional and national level through the UK Youth Parliament.

" "
Danielle Daboh and Pranav Aggarwal, Peterborough's Youth MPs for 2024 to 2026.

Danielle Daboh

"Hello all, my name is Danielle as you may already know. I have had the pleasure of being elected as Youth MP for 2024-26.

"My priorities surround topics of racism, child poverty, and education. These topics are my main priorities however my role is to listen and act on the opinions of young people in Peterborough, so I am always open to listen on other issues.

"The best way to contact me is my email which is"

Pranav Aggarwal

"My name is Pranav and I am a youth MP for Peterborough. I am currently in year 9 and go to The King’s the Cathedral school.

"In my free time, I like to play badminton and design products that people can use in real life. I mainly enjoy working in teams and doing group projects and I am quite collaborative with others. 

"In my role, I am passionate about making higher education fairer and more equal and making people in Peterborough and the UK feel more welcome by promoting diversity and inclusivity. 

"Please contact me via email on"

Youth Parliament election - February 2024

The UK Youth Parliament election and Make Your Mark ballot took place between 22 and 29 February 2024.

Young people aged 11 to 18 who live, work and study in Peterborough were invited to vote and elect two new Members of Youth Parliament to represent them for a two-year term.

More than 9,000 young people in the city voted in the UK Youth Parliament election during February 2024.


The full results of the Peterborough Youth Parliament elections are below:

  • Pranav Aggarwal - 1,293 votes (elected)
  • Danielle Daboh - 2,277 votes (elected)
  • Amelia Ihsan - 521 votes
  • Amelia Javaid - 904 votes
  • Harriet Johnson - 743 votes
  • Shanzay Zehra Merchant - 976 votes
  • Aryan Nahata - 1,245 votes
  • Farrah Sliti - 272 votes
  • Amina Umar - 462 votes
  • Rejected ballot papers - 335

Why we have two Youth MPs

The British Youth Council decided to allocate two seats to Peterborough for the 2024 election instead of one due to the increase in the city's youth population. This incentive for youth voice to develop its role in the community could use these elections as a springboard for young people's issues to claim their deserved platform in the years to come.

Make Your Mark vote

In addition to the Youth Parliament vote, the ballot papers issued included the Make Your Mark vote.

Make Your Mark is the largest consultation of 11 to 18 year olds in Europe. It gives you as young people the chance to have your say on what matters to you.

The ballot paper presented 10 topics. Voting took place in school / college / youth groups. The three topics with the most votes become the campaign themes for the newly elected Youth MPs for their two year term.

The 10 topics that appeared on the 2024 ballot, and the number of votes each received, are as follows:

  • Jobs, the economy and benefits - 1,476 votes
  • Health and wellbeing - 1,262 votes
  • Education and learning - 1,258 votes
  • Culture, media and sport - 1,196 votes
  • Crime and safety - 983 votes
  • Rights, equalities and democracy - 975 votes
  • Climate change and the environment - 445 votes
  • Youth work and young people's services - 327 votes
  • Transport - 260 votes
  • International relations - 171 votes

The role of a Youth MP - what's involved

Time commitment

A Member of Youth Parliament's term in office lasts for two years. On average, you will need to spend between one and five hours per week on UK Youth Parliament activities.


  • Support youth voice and actively engage in their constituency
  • Meet regularly with other youth councils, forums and organisations in their area
  • Participate in UK Youth Parliament meetings, events, activities and consultations
  • Engage in local, national and regional campaigns


  • Promote the positive work of UK Youth Parliament
  • Report UK Youth Parliament ’s work back to their constituency
  • Communicate to the media as appropriate and under BYC media guidelines


  • Speak on behalf of their constituents
  • Encourage and support other young people in their area to engage in UK Youth Parliament activities
  • Take the views of their constituents to UK Youth Parliament sittings
  • Take part in votes on national policy and campaign priority

Skills development

Each Members of Youth Parliament's experience is likely to be different from the next. In general, Members of Youth Parliament will develop a combination of the following skills:

  • Communication
  • Public speaking
  • Organisation
  • Negotiation
  • Debating
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

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