Climate change

Each year Peterborough spends approximately £144m on energy, the majority of which leaves Peterborough’s economy and goes straight to the UK’s big six energy companies.

In terms of carbon, this means that each city resident produces an average of 6.7 tonnes of CO2 every year, that's enough to fill nearly two hot air balloons. We recognise that climate change is occurring and will have far reaching effects on the UK's economy, society and environment.

We are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions, in April 2010 we adopted a Carbon Management Action Plan (CMAP) which describes a model for how we intend to achieve a 35% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (from 2008-09 levels) by 2016. 

So far we have achieved a 24% reduction in carbon emissions. More information about the reductions can be found in the annual Greenhouse gas emissions report below.

Carbon management plan

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Carbon reporting

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (or CRC Scheme) is designed to incentivise energy efficiency and cut emissions in large energy users in the public and private sectors across the UK. It is mandatory to participate for organisations that meet the qualification criteria and are required to monitor their energy use, report their energy supplies annually and buy allowances for every tonne of carbon they emit.

Peterborough City Council is a participant in phase one and two of the scheme. Phase two will run until 2018/19 and there will be a review of the scheme in 2016.

Local authority greenhouse gas emissions report (Former NI 185)

Local Authorities are asked to resume reporting of their emissions for the Department of Communities and Local Government’s Single Data List. There are no financial implications or targets associated with this report. Further detailed information can be found in the annual Greenhouse gas emissions report.

Greenhouse gas emissions report 2015/16

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